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Tin Ceiling Tiles

Buy decorative Metal Ceiling Tiles online at great prices.

These non-rust pressed metal tiles are designed for easy nail-up installation. Available in a variety of styles including modern and antique repeating patterns. Some styles may be available in a range of materials and finishes including Tin, Solid Copper, Aluminum, and more. Priced as low as $1.99 per square foot.

A little-known-fact, and obvious question... are they made of tin? No! Though these decorative pressed-metal tiles are still commonly known as and marketed as "tin", most of them are actually made of aluminum, and some are made of copper, bronze, or tin-plated steel. They retain the name "tin" because this is the traditional term for any tiles that are made of metal.

Venetian Holiday Design 1206

Wine Country 2485

Uptown 2478

Urban Fair 2475

Union Square Style 2429

Unicorns 2487

Tutankamen's Tomb 2493

Tuscan Glory Design 2438

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